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Blender Procedural Armour Texture (Free)

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Blender Procedural Armour Texture (Free)

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Style your hard surface model with this texture node setup for Blender. This free texture node group procedurally adds colour, dirt, edge chipping, dent and scratches to armour. This texture is designed for hard surface models, inspired by the Halo franchise.

With this node setup you can change:

  • Primary colour
  • Dirt colour
  • Raw metal colour
  • Crevice dirt threshold
  • Crevice dirt intensity
  • Large dirt scale
  • Edge weathering intensity
  • Dent size
  • Dent intensity
  • Dent density
  • Small dirt intensity
  • Scratch density
  • Scratch intensity

Watch the YouTube video above for a demonstration on different types of models.

Product includes a Blender file with the texture node, a demo scene, as well as instructions for importing.

Halo: Combat Evolved Marine files are not included, but can be found here. Likewise, full Halo Infinite Mk VII Armour can be found here.

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Creative Commons

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Blender file with instructions for importing and using, as well as a demo scene

3.5 MB
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